Archive | January, 2013

Life Drawing!

31 Jan


We had incredible fun yesterday drawing the mannequin and then drawing each other, which was a mixture of trying to stay still as the model and trying to draw quickly as the artist for 1 minute poses


Dancing Chairs !

24 Jan

IMG_0886<img We had an interesting debate yesterday at the Art Club about how much an artist can leave out of a picture in the interests of 'artistic licence'

The Art Club kicks off!

19 Jan

The artists are off! changing miniscule objects like single cress stems into objects bigger than their total body mass on paper and intently studying sweets before making enormous 3D sculptures out of them. A lot of fun and indirectly learning about all sorts of risk taking exercises and loosening up skills that will translate well into all areas of life, more to follow. Well done you artists!

Ceramic Painting

14 Jan

IMG_0873Using the wonderful Marabu Porcelain paints to create a design and paint a finished piece of artwork good enough to eat your dinner off! why do all the 7 year olds get to have the fun?


“Cliff path near Prevote tower”

6 Jan

walking is a powerful tool for inspiration, especially in these mirky grey days and looking for colour can be an exercise in itself, as Turner wrote “my job is to draw what I see not what I know”