In my studio in St Peters, two afternoons in the half term holidays, Monday 29th and Friday 2nd November,  2-4.30, we will be making pinch pots, coil pots and cold porcelain jewellery   Lots of fun and messy hands, £55 for both workshops, book by emailing Frances on





Thursday 20th December 2018:  Christmas Wreaths

We will quite happily get tangled up in willow, ivy, fir, tinsel, glitter and glue mixed together with beautiful hand painted baubles to hang on your front door or inside your home.  Can be traditional, crazy or absolutely beautiful; its up to you, please wear old clothes though!

Friday 21st December:  Baby Lanterns

Make some adorable little paper lanterns to place around your home at Christmas to make it festive and bright using mixed media and imagination.  Please wear old clothes to this one too as it will be messy.

Monday 24th December:  Christmas plates

Decorate a festive ceramic plate by painting with air drying paints.


All above workshops run 9.30am – midday in my studio in St Peters.  Numbers strictly limited due to space limitations in my studio so early booking is advised.  Each workshop costs £25.  Price includes all materials and a drink and biscuit half way through the session.  Please email Frances at for more details.





1st April: COLOUR: “Fruit and Wearable Art”

Using chalk and oil pastels we will make a still life study looking at the colour wheel and composition plus make your own art badge.

2nd April: TONE: “Underwater World

We will be looking at different wet on wet techniques and stunning effects using watercolour paint to create a magical sea world.

3rd April: TEXTURE: “City Landscape”

Creating our own art papers we will use different textural effects to gradually build up a landscape using all sorts of materials and methods.

8th April: “Indian ink and charcoal on sticks”

Using Indian ink, wax, charcoal and various drawing tools we will explore mark making and look at how to make a set of really interesting drawings.

9th April: FORM: “My favourite pet”

Either working from a photograph or from your imagination of what your favourite pet looks like, we will paint a small portrait in acrylic to take home.

10th April: STRUCTURE: “Landscape II”

Returning to mixed media we will introduce perspective into our composition and make more art badges (if time)



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