Spring time and the weather is fine

Tuesday 11th April: 9.30-12.00: Dreamcatchers: create a beautiful dream catcher for your room using willow and mixed media

Tuesday 11th April: 1-3.30: Fat Cats and Quirky Chickens: get all gooey with salt dough making unique souvenirs out of clay, looking at cats and chickens and then whatever you choose

Wednesday 12th April: 9.30-12.00: Dried Flower Suncatchers: making decorative mandalas out of spring vegetation to swing in the breeze and catch the light

Wednesday 12th April: 1-3.30: Mixed Media Flowers: using vibrant pigment and inks we will create lavish large scale designs.

Thursday 13th April: 9.30-12.00: Spring blossom: using paper quilling we will make a gorgeous blossoming tree using all sorts of papers.

Thursday 13th April: 1-3.30: Buzzing Bees: using a wide variety of materials we will do our best to encourage this most treasured of insects.

Friday 14th April: 9.30-12.00: Miniature sketch books and Origami envelopes: we will be working small for our re-purposing of old books into gorgeous keep sakes for secret notes and drawings

Friday 14th April: 1-3.30: 3d Mobiles: looking at pattern and shimmering metallic pigments and metallic cards, we will make an elaborate mobile to move in the breeze.

All workshops cost £26 and include a drink and a biscuit half way through. Recommend early booking due to limited space in my studio!

If staying from 9.30-3.30 the cost will be £65 and each child will need a packed lunch.


20-24th February

Birds and beautiful things

Monday 20th February: 9.30-12.00: Peacocks: using mixed media we will get messy and gooey, cutting up and pasting down, using our imaginations to make beautiful glowing wall mounted peacocks.

Tuesday 21st February: 9.30-12.00: Owl Decoupage: using a wide mixture of papers we will make a fabulous suspended owl to keep our photos and letters safe.

Wednesday 22nd February: 9.30-12.00: Phoenix: using translucent inks and watercolours we will make a free flowing Phoenix, rising from the ashes using various different techniques.

Thursday 23rd February: 9.30-12.00: Seagull sculpture: using mixed media we will design our own free-standing seagull, complete with feathers or with painted feathers.

Friday 24th February: 9.30-12.00: Flamingos: using chalk pastels and mixed media we will draw pink flamingos, using the pastel to blend the colours together into a riot of colour.

All workshops cost £26 and include a drink and a biscuit half way through. The classes are suitable for children aged 7+


Come and join our friendly regular Saturday morning group of fascinated scribblers. We meet once a fortnight 1-2pm in my studio and learn how to draw all sorts of things. Suitable for children aged 7+ each session lasts one hour and costs £20 per child.

Message me to find out when the next class is.


Monday 24th October: 9.30-12.00: Mosaic plates, make a unique plate using autumn colours, including shells, pieces of sea glass, found objects and buttons.

Monday 24th October: 1-3.30: Practise watercolour technique with this step by step workshop, looking at original textures and treatments.

Tuesday 25th October: 9.30-12.00: Harry Potter spell books, make your own writing book using hand painted paper, can be used for spells or for creative writing, with the possibility of being able to make a wand as a magic addition.

Tuesday 25th October: 1.00-3.30: Dry grass coiling: using natural materials, we will coil a small pot and mat using bright raffia.

Wednesday 26th October: Printing Black Cats: it is the season for black cats, and mysterious animals, we will print up a few, perfect for cards and posters.

Thursday 27th October: 9.30-12.00: Day of the Dead: make a fantastically bright 3D mask in acrylic paint and mixed media; the brighter the better.

Thursday 27th October: 1.00-3.30: Miniature Pumpkins: super decorations for halloween, using mixed media.

Friday 28th October: 9.30-12.00: Autumn Dream Catcher: using mixed media and found objects.

Friday 28th October: 1.00-3.30: Autumn frame: make a beautiful frame for photos and pictures out of found seasonal leaves and seed pods

Each workshop is £26, £65 for the whole day. Please bring a packed lunch if you wish to stay all day.


Its all about paint for these three half day workshops, so if you like messing around with the stuff and getting covered in it, please come and join me in my untidy studio and learn some new skills.

Monday May 30th: 9.30 -12.00: Monoprinting and Styrofoam printing using natural forms found in organic plants to make wall mounted artwork and cards.

Tuesday May 31st: 9.30 – 12.00: Folk art tiles using acrylic paint to make beautiful decorative wall tiles and coaster sets. I will coat the tiles when dry with varnish so that they are waterproof.

Wednesday June 1st: 9.30 – 12.00: Step by step guide to painting with acrylic paint and Q tips to make beautiful wall mounted artwork on board.

Each workshop costs £26 which includes all materials and a break of juice and biscuits. Number strictly limited in each workshop, as space in my studio is limited.



11th April 2022: 9.30-12.00: Easter Wreaths: make an Easter Wreath using willow, moss and other natural found materials, decorate with eggs and hand made birds.

12th April 2022: 9.30-12.00: Styrofoam Printing: using the theme of Easter or any idea you wish, make Easter cards or wall mounted art.

13th April 2022: 9.30-12.00: Hand Painted Eggs: using prepared blown and sterilised eggs, decorate any way you choose and take home in a willow basket.

14th April 2022: 9.30-12.00: Easter Tree: make a glorious tree out of white painted branches held in a painted flower pot. Decorate any way you choose using a wide variety of different materials.

19th April 2022: 9.30-12.00: Cherry Blossom: using mixed media we will look at pattern and form and depth using a variety of different materials.

20th April 2022: 9.30-12.00: Underwater creatures: we will make a piece of beautiful bright wall art using oil pastels and watercolour.

21st April 2022: 9.30-12.00: 3D Photo Frames: we will make a photo frame using painted rocks, jewellery wire and glass beads.

22nd April 2022: 9.30-12.00: Peter Rabbit: Learn how to paint this mischievous rabbit step by step using watercolour.

All workshops cost £26 and are held in Frances’ studio in St Peters. Please email Frances on for more information.


For half term we are venturing down a rabbit hole into a special creative Wonderland

Monday 21st February: 9.30-12.00: Scratchboard art: we will be making wall hangings or if you prefer postcard art using your own designs or looking at the White Rabbit for inspiration, who is forever late, late, late…

Tuesday 22nd February: 9.30-12.00: A bouquet of flowers: for Mothers Day: we will be hand painting paper and then making a beautiful bouquet of origami flowers with the paper, decorating 3D letters spelling M U M to amaze your Mum/Gran/Aunt on their special day, so literally painting the roses red and orange and blue..

Wednesday 23rd February: 9.30-12.00: Cheshire Cat: learning how to draw up this beautiful cat and painting it in extraordinary colours in bright acrylic paint, to make a framed piece of wall art or a door hanging for your bedroom door.

Thursday 24th February: 9.30-12.00: Teapots: Design and create a special teapot for storing treasures and interesting things in. Perfect for pens not so suitable for tea.

Friday 25th February: 9.30-12.00: Pink Flamingos: We will make freestanding table-top sculptures based on that famous croquet game, possibly a few hedgehogs will visit as well.

All workshops run out of my art studio in St Peters and cost £26 including a light snack half way through the workshop. Please wear warm, comfortable, old clothes as some of these workshops can be messy.


December 20th: 9.30-12.00pm: Salt dough decorations: hand colour your dough, add pattern and sparkle to make gorgeous gift tags, place settings and unique tree decorations.

December 21st: 9.30-12.00pm: christmas crackers: have fun designing individual crackers for your family and pets, human gifts to go inside crackers will be supplied in the workshop, pet gifts are to be brought to the workshop.

December 22nd: 9.30-12.00pm: miniature bottlebrush xmas trees: a new version of the ever popular pom pom, these gorgeous small trees are made out of wool, rope and other materials. Can be used as gift tags, ornaments, table displays etc.

December 23rd: 9.30-12.00pm: willow lanterns: using natural willow, tissue paper, glue and gold and silver pens design a miniature lantern to decorate your home with light. Very messy!

December 24th: 9.30-12.00pm: christmas wreaths: for inside and outside, for the table, for your door, to hang and drape and make your home beautiful using natural and hand made items.

I also have lots and lots of angels needing homes this year!

Each workshop costs £26 and includes light refreshments

October Half Term 2021

25th October: 9.30-12.00: Painted Acorns: paint up a collection of these miniature treasures that have been carefully oven dried and sprayed to preserve them. Make a special treasure bag to keep these special jewels in or an Autumn wreath to display them on.

25th October: 1-3.30: Make a Mandrake: to keep you company using hand decorated miniature terracotta pots, dried leaves and clay, very messy!

26th October: 9.30-12.00: Leaf Relief: burnish your own leaf design as glorious 2d art to hang on your wall using pressed leaves, aluminium foil and metallic paint, also messy!

26th October: 1-3.30: Autumn Tree: weave a beautiful miniature tree using wool, willow and embroidery thread to hang in your bedroom

27th October: 9.30-12.00: Day of the Dead 2d Art: paint up a gloriously bright sugar skull to hang on your wall

27th October: 1.3.30: Harry Potter Madness: create dragons eggs and miniature spell books using the special harry potter alphabet

28th October: 9.30-12.00: Day of the Dead masks: create a bright animal mask to wear in the Alebrije tradition

29th October: 9.30-12.00: Make a miniature house and garden: using dried and painted flowers and found objects, design your own miniature home for miniature people as a table-top display

29th October: 1-3.30: More Harry Potter Madness: create the unique Hogwarts crest using transculent inks and make origami envelopes to hold your special letters and other surprises.

All workshops are £26 and can be booked as single sessions, if you wish to stay all day the cost is £65, please bring your own lunch. Snacks are provided half way through each workshop.

Easter 2021

12th April: 9.30-12: Paper Butterflies: design, paint up and make your own beautiful origami butterflies to make into a mobile or to make a fabulous art installation for your room

13th April: 9.30-12: Garden windchime: make a wondrous creation using corks, shells, cutlery, stones, beads and driftwood to hang in your garden and keep the birds company.

14th April: 9.30-12: Worry Pets: using pom poms with googly eyes and all manner of wool and materials to make their own special homes. Can be safely taken to school and on special outings.

15th April: 9.30-12: Tile painting: using ceramic tiles to hand paint and design coasters for summer days using various techniques including acrylic paint pouring

16th April: 9.30-12: Decoupage boxes: make little boxes for your treasure, themed for spring using all sorts of beautiful materials.

All workshops take place in my art studio in St Peters, each workshop costs £26 including all materials and light refreshments.

Christmas Workshops 2020

December 21st: 9.30-12.00pm: Salt dough christmas tree decorations: hand colour your dough, pattern and add sparkle to make gift tags, place settings and tree decorations.

December 22nd: 9.30-12.00pm: decorate large 3D J O Y letters: using multi-media to give as unique cards, or decorate your own home and spread the joy.

December 23rd: 9.30-12.00pm: christmas lanterns: make unique lanterns for outside and inside using battery charged candles

December 24th: 9.30-12.00pm: christmas wreaths: for inside and outside, for the table, for your door, to hang and drape and make your home beautiful using natural and hand made items.

and then towards the New Year…

December 29th: 9.30-12.00pm: Friendship bracelets: make a variety of bracelets for your friends as a new years gift

Wednesday 30th: 9.30-12.00pm: sculpture: using willow to make new year stars, fish and dream catchers to make your wishes for the new year come true

Thursday 31st: 9.30-12.00pm: The New Year : design and make a beautiful notice board to hang on your wall to attach your new year resolutions to and upcoming important events. We will also make New Years Day crackers and paper fortune teller games to predict what’s in store for the New Year.

All workshops are £26 and include all materials and a biscuit and a juice half way through the workshop. All workshops are aimed for children aged 7+



October 26th 9.30-12Watercolour leaf resist: an explosion of colour using watercolour, oil pastels and felt pens to make a piece of wall art

October 27th: 9.30-12Bottle weaving: using recycled containers and brightly coloured ribbons, wool and beads to create gorgeous vases and useful containers.

October 27th: 1-3.30Dotted pumpkins: – getting inspiration from the artist Yayoi Kusama, (who said “pumpkins are visually humorous” when asked why she painted them so often), we will create wild and dynamic wall art using bright colours, shapes and patterns.

October 28th: 9.30-12: Quilling art tree – using paper to create a fantastical piece of wall art using bright colours and design.

October 28th: 1-3.30: Modelling: Using porcelain clay we will make little people and animals and decorate a matchbox for them to travel home in safety (porcelain might need to dry overnight before being taken home)

October 29th: 9.30-12: Your perfect house: Design a house from a box using your imagination and a vast supply of multi media materials.

October 30th: 9.30-12: Black cats, bats and owls: (and any other ideas) using paint, silver and gold pens and multi media and special twig frames to hang our postcard size art.

October 30th: 1-3.30: Designer Halloween hats of all sizes, whether it be a wild and woolly affair or a fat orange pumpkin, the crazier the better using all manner of materials.

Each session is £26 including juice and a biscuit half way through.  Should your child wish to stay all day, please supply their own lunch, cost for all day is £65.

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6th April: Easter Wreaths: taking inspiration from Mexico we will make paper flowers, design spring birds and decorate eggs to make a wreath to hang on your front door or your bedroom door.

7th April: Easter Tree: Make a beautiful white painted Easter tree using ribbon, eggs, birds as inspiration. Lots of gooey mess and construction involved as well as more delicate weaving and decorating. Makes a gorgeous table decoration.

 14th April: Pinwheels: design your own art paper to make into these gorgeous spinning wall mounted pieces of art.

15th April: kite Making: design and make your very own kite using mixed media based on the Japanese principles of Koinobori design.

17th April: Weaving Spring Baskets: using brightly coloured raffia and ribbon, design your own basket with a hand painted base.


christmas wreath

Monday 23rd December:  Christmas Wreaths and table decorations – once again we will get tangled up in ivy, holly, pine cones, ribbons, felts and all things seasonal using a willow base.  Great fun for all the family, come and make something for your neighbour or friend!

9.30-12 or 1-3.30    £25 which includes all materials and a biscuit and juice.

Tuesday 24th December: Crackers! – make as many as possible, personalised and unique to your family including special crackers for pets – please feel free to bring little gifts to put inside, I will have an assortment of gifts (though not suitable for animals).

masks 2




12 Responses to “CHILDREN ART WORKSHOPS 2023”

  1. Vanessa Cairns September 30, 2020 at 12:31 pm #


    Please can I book my daughter Marnie (age 7) and son Theo (age 5) into work workshop for Friday 30th?

    My number is +447839197712

    Many thanks

    • lemmonforart September 30, 2020 at 3:01 pm #

      Hello Vanessa, many thanks for your comments. The children’s workshops are aimed for ages 7+ only because the fine motor skills are better developed from this age and I think Theo might struggle a little. Would you like me to book in Marnie on the Friday 30th and if so, which class would you like. We are designing postcard art mounted on twig frames in the morning and halloween hats in the afternoon. Best wishes, Frances

      • Vanessa Cairns October 5, 2020 at 1:27 pm #

        Hi Frances, I’m so sorry but I’ve only just seen your reply. Please can I book Marnie Cairns for Friday 30th morning session. Thank you for your help, Vanessa

  2. lemmonforart October 5, 2020 at 1:47 pm #

    Yes of course, many thanks, Frances

  3. Siiri Skerker March 18, 2021 at 9:41 am #

    How do we book a child in for the worry pets on the 14 th April please

    • lemmonforart March 18, 2021 at 9:51 am #

      Hi Siiri, thanks for your message. To book the workshop, you can bank transfer the payment over, if you’d like my details please email me on: . It would also be useful to have the name and age of your child so that I can put them down on my register. Many thanks, Frances

  4. Linsey September 28, 2021 at 6:35 pm #

    Would love to book my children in for the October half term art workshop – we have been looking for art classes for a long time and only just found this! We’re very excited!

    • lemmonforart September 29, 2021 at 7:04 am #

      Hi Linsey, glad to hear it. Would you like to email me on and I’ll explain how to book for the half term workshops coming up, best wishes, Frances

      • Linsey English October 9, 2021 at 9:49 am #

        Hi, the email address doesn’t seem to work. Can you please email me on Looking for availability for 3 children 7-11.


      • lemmonforart October 9, 2021 at 10:25 am #

        I’ve just emailed you a reply to your query on, best wishes, Frances

  5. arissara sophatai July 11, 2022 at 10:42 pm #

    My daughter 11 years old interested to join art work shop
    In 15-19th August
    Please let me know if any space available

    Thank you


    • lemmonforart July 12, 2022 at 8:09 am #

      Hello Arissara, many thanks for your email. I only have space available Tuesday 16, Wednesday 17 and Friday 19th of that week. If you would like to book those workshops please let me know the name of your daughter and then I can put her down on my register. To reserve a space you can bank transfer to my account: Mrs F H Lemmon, 74293991 40-22-25. If there are any queries regarding the workshops please do not hesitate to contact me. Best wishes, Frances

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